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MeaCharm was established in 2018 in Dublin, with one single goal in mind. To design and produce high-quality accessories that would represent people's passion. 
Before that, brands were only focusing on what was trendy but forgot that the real value lies in symbols, that reflect us, reminds us of what we love and do every day, symbols that bring a smile on our faces or help us go through difficult times. 
Here at MeaCharm we aim to create memories through our Charmed bracelets. 
Our promise is to provide guaranteed quality while maintaining affordability.


Our vision is to inspire others to follow their passion and create unforgettable moments along the way. We are driven by our purpose to produce timeless symbols that reflect our community's passion and keep them as minimalistic as possible. 
MeaCharm creations are timeless pieces that are great to gift a special someone or even to treat yourself. 
MeaCharm creation may be the perfect accessory to your wardrobe from a formal setting to casual gatherings . 
Whether you are looking for a silver or a gold charmed bracelet or even mix matched, we aim to please no matter your preference.

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